Digital Recording Made Easy

Step 1
Record on Laptop
Install the SoniClear software.

Step 2
Record on Laptop
Plug in the microphone.
Step 3
Click the record button

Record Meetings On Your Laptop Computer

SoniClear digital recording software is the ideal way to upgrade from cassette and dictation recorders. SoniClear delivers the latest recording technology in a package that is easy to use, affordable, and runs on any Windows computer.

  • Capture information accurately every time
  • Take detailed notes easily during the meeting
  • Produce detailed meeting minutes quickly and easily
  • Share recordings to enhance meeting effectiveness
  • Record conclusions reached in the words of the participants
  • Document discussions for greater accountability
  • Preserve meeting information and share it with participants

Switch to SoniClear in 24 Hours or Less

SoniClear is so easy to install and use that you can be recording your meetings immediately. Install the software yourself, or have your IT consultant install it for you. Then enjoy the benefits of digital recording. You will never go back to the old way of recording meetings again.

Why Customers Prefer SoniClear Software
  • Easy as a tape recorder to use, with the power of computing
  • Hear the softest voice in the room with clear digital audio
  • Save time producing minutes and reports
  • No need to juggle cassette tapes
  • Worry free, up to 12 hours continuous recording
  • Take notes and save conversations in one step
  • Recordings are like audio minutes, play any agenda item
  • Reconstruct important discussions with a few clicks
  • Turn recording on and off for sensitive discussions
  • Easily share meeting recordings on CD, LAN, or Web