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SoniClear Meeting Recorder makes it easy to record and take lecture notes on your laptop computer. Now you can capture every word and take notes with a single click. You can use the annotated recording to quickly review important points in the lecture, and review material that will be included on tests.

Share your recording with students who could not attend. Or if you can't make a lecture, have someone record it for you with SoniClear. They can post the file on the network, or send the file in MP3 format. You can listen on your laptop, or download it to any portable MP3 player, and listen while jogging.

SoniClear software installs on your Windows laptop, and can be run in the background while you run PowerPoint slideshows or take additional notes in Word. No tape or batteries are needed, and built-in VoiceBoost Signal Enhancement makes listening to lectures easier and clearer.

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How To Record Lectures
Try out SoniClear for yourself and experience the power of recording lectures on your laptop. Install the SoniClear Evaluation and follow these instructions. This evaluation software gives you the ability to try out all of the SoniClear versions in a single download.

Install SoniClear Evaluation, and start the program.

SoniClear at startup

Change the default recording type from Meeting to Conference. Select Edit/Preferences from the pulldown menu and click on the Recording Options tab. Select Conference recording type and click OK.

Before the lecture starts, create a new file for recording:

Click the New button

Enter a file name and click OK.

New File Dialog

This will display "Ready to Record" in the status window, along with the length of time that you can record (based on the amount of free space on your disk drive). The program is now ready to record.

Ready to record

When the lecture starts, click the red Record button. Set the record level using the "level" slider. The best level is when the record meter registers generally in the middle of the range.

When important points are made by the professor, press the Space Bar on the computer to enter a timestamped note. You can type additional information, or just leave it as a blank note to mark the time, filling in the note information later.

Enter Lecture Notes

When the lecture is over, click the Stop button. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to stop recording. Recording will actually stop when you click Yes.

You can review the audio by clicking the Play button. If you do not hear anything, be sure the audio to your speakers is on. This can be adjusted by clicking on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the computer screen.

The recording is made in CF3 format, which is MP3 audio data and notes combined. You can also convert it to MP3 format. From the File pulldown menu, select Export to MP3. Enter a file name and location (or accept the default choice). Then click Encode. The MP3 file exported from SoniClear is a standard MP3 format and can be used like any other MP3 file, such as burn it to an MP3 CDROM, transfer to MP3 players for portable playback, post to a website for download.