Court Reporting


Digital Recording System for Courts, Court Reporters, and Administrative Hearings

Court Recorder captures extremely clear, accurate, annotated recordings of legal proceedings. The sophisticated digital recording hardware and software combines the efficiency of computer automation with absolute reliability that is required for court reporting.

  • As easy as a tape recorder to use
  • No cassettes to juggle
  • Digital audio for greater clarity and detail
  • Fast note taking for marking events in recordings
  • Send over network or Internet for transcription
  • Readbacks are fast and easy
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Archive to CDROM and LAN
  • Annotate recordings by pre-entered docket items
  • Improve transcription accuracy
Court Reporting

Court Recorder 9 makes it easy for court reporters to switch to computer-based recording for . Court Recorder is ideal for all types of reporting jobs, including depositions, courts, government meetings, and administrative hearings. Court Recorder 9 supports both verbatim court reporting and electronic court reporting.

Annotations can be entered to mark events for transcribing. Clients are pleased by the fact that there are no interruptions for switching tapes. Readbacks are exceptionally easy and sounds excellent. During transcription the stenomask channel can be played and processed separately from the room microphones.

Transcription work is sped up because of enhanced audio quality and audio files can be sent over the Internet.

Courts and Administrative Hearings

Court Recorder incorporates all of the advanced features required by court reporters, while retaining the simplicity of operation of a conventional tape recorder. This makes it suitable for use in situations where court reporters are not available. Court Recorder enables a court clerk, hearing officer, or judge to perform many of the important functions of a court reporter, ensuring an accurate record of events for later review and for appeals.

Court Recorder 9 Features
Software features designed to meet the unique requirements of court reporters, courts, and hearings.

Court Recorder 9 is the ideal recording solution for legal proceedings.. Digitally record, manage, and store important meetings, using Windows laptop and desktop computers. Easy to install, learn, and use, Court Recorder 9 can scale from individual court reporters to courtrooms and hearing rooms for an entire organization.

  • Digital Recording in Standard MP3 Format
  • Tape Recorder Look and Feel For Easy Learning
  • Take Notes using Docket and Markers
  • Easy Readback While Recording Continues
  • Continuous Recording For Up To 12 Hours
  • VoiceBoost Sound Enhancment
  • Optional USB Foot Pedal
  • One Click File Backup and Archiving
  • CD Export in Standard Audio CD and MP3 Formats for Client Use
  • Free Player Program Displays Notes
  • LAN Archive Management


Court Recorder 9 digitally records to the computer disk drive using industry-standard MP3 or WAV audio files. VoiceBoost digital signal processing enhances the sound to ensure maximum clarity and intelligibility. While recording, the user has the ability to enter timestamped notes, providing speaker identification and highlighting important events that may not be audible. The resulting digital audio files can be stored on the local disk drive, CDROM, and network servers.


Notes entered during the session can be exported for providing to a transcriptionist in text format. Notes also make it easy to locate sections requiring detailed transcription when using the free Transcriber program. With the optional hardware USB Foot Pedal, the software works like a standard transcription machine for hands-free control. Holding the pedal down plays the recording, and when the pedal is up, it stops and rewinds a few seconds automatically. The built-in Virtual Foot Pedal simulates the foot pedal action using keystrokes, without the need for an actual foot pedal.

CD Storage

Quickly produce standard audio compact disks for playback in any CD player, as well as MP3 CD format.

LAN Archive

Recordings can be saved to a digital archive for access from the local area network. This makes it easy for staff to listen to sections of a meeting directly from a computer, without having to request tapes or disks, and without having to install special software.

Run Court Recorder 9 on Your Windows Computer

Court Recorder 9 software is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10. Install the software, plug in a computer microphone and start recording. Gov Recorder 9 can also be purchased as a ready-to-use system including the computer.

Easy Transition To Digital
Moving from cassette tape to digital recording is easy and intuitive for users.

Court Recorder 9 software is designed to be easy to learn and use. All of the essential recording and playback operations are obvious from looking at the controls. Big buttons on the screen look like the buttons on a cassette recorder. Click the Record button to record, the Stop button to stop and the Play button to play. Anyone can switch from cassette recording to using Court Recorder 9 in just minutes.

Learn More
Read more about SoniClear Court Recorder 9 on the website, or call SoniClear to speak to a pre-sales consultant about your requirements.