Gov Recorder 9
  • Record Meetings on any Windows Computer
  • Clear Digital Sound and Optional Digital Video
  • Replace Cassette and Handheld Recorders
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Learn
  • Take Notes for Fast Minutes Production
  • Share Recordings for Improved Transparency

Digital Recording For Every Type Of Government Meeting

Gov Recorder 9 is designed for governmental organizations that must record meetings and prepare meeting minutes. Gov Recorder 9 helps clerks and administrators get more done with less effort, while improving support for the organization and meeting participants.

Gov Recorder 9 captures digital recordings on any Windows laptop or desktop computer. The resulting digital audio files can be stored on the local disk drive, CDROM, the internal network, and over the Web. Recordings can be made available to staff, elected officials, and the public for review, creating more informed meetings and more efficient processes.

Gov Recorder 9 Features

SoniClear software records on your Windows computer, for clear digital sound. With SoniClear you have the speed and convenience of powerful productivity features, while remaining easy to use, like a tape recorder.

Video Recording Camera

The Gov Video Recorder 9 version of SoniClear provides video recording synchronized with up to 12 microphone channels. Purchase Gov Video Recorder 9 software with the Video Recording Kit for a complete video recording solution.

Digital Recording in 3 Easy Steps

Switch to recording on your computer in just three steps:

  • 1. Install the SoniClear software
  • 2. Plug in the microphone
  • 3. Start SoniClear and click the Record button.

Digital recording has never been easier.

Share Recordings for Meeting Transparency

Capture every detail in the meeting for later review. Everyone in the organization and the larger community can be fully informed and prepared for action. Notes can be entered to highlight important points in meeting, making recall by participants as easy as one click.

Share recording archives on CD, and over the internal network. Optionally, post meeting recordings to your website for on-demand access by the public.

Get More Done With Less Effort

Produce meeting minutes faster. The sound quality is dramatically better than cassette tape. With clear digital sound and notes highlighting the action, producing minutes is much easier. Access any point in the meeting with one click.

With the optional hardware USB Foot Pedal, the software works like a standard transcription machine for hands-free control.

No More Tape Worries

Gov Recorder 9 allow you to record up to 12 hours continuously. No need to switch tapes during meetings.

Copy recordings on CD for public record requests. No more tedious hand copying of of cassettes. Recordings can also be shared over the local area network, and optionally webcast to the public from your existing web server.

Computer compatible microphone included.

The Gov Recorder 9 software package includes a computer microphone that is suitable for recording meetings and presentations in small groups.

A variety of microphone upgrade options are available, providing optimal coverage for a variety of settings.

Purchase Gov Recorder 9

Gov Recorder 9 is available as software for installation on any Windows computer, or as a complete recording system with software and a pre-configured Windows tablet computer.

Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10.