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RecorderPro - Features and Benefits

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RecorderPro for podcasting, PowerPoint Narration, Lectures
RecorderPro has been replaced with Meeting Recorder 7. Just like RecorderPro,
Meeting Recorder makes it easy to create professional-quality recordings for your podcasts and presentations, meeting, lectures, and more.

Meeting Recorder produces professional-quality podcast recordings in MP3 format:
  • Record shows in WAV or MP3 format
  • Simple point and click file editing directly in MP3 files
  • Record voicovers easily with UNDO feature
  • VoiceBoost audio enhancement for radio-quality sound
  • Copy recordings from tape and enhance with VoiceBoost
  • Convert WAV and AIFF files to MP3

VoiceBoost Enhancement
The VoiceBoost feature performs the same signal enhancement used on radio broadcasts for clarity and presence.

The top waveform shown on the right is a typical recording made from a soundcard. The lower waveform shows the same recording after VoiceBoost. Hear the difference:

VoiceBoost Demo Recording

Easy Voiceovers
The voiceover recording mode includes a unique UNDO button. This allows you record flawless voiceovers effortlessly. Record in sections, stopping after each paragraph of the voiceover script. If you make a mistake, just click UNDO and it record again. By recording sequentially you keep your pace and voice intonation consistent over the entire recording, without the need for time-consuming wavform editing.

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