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Contact SoniClear for a pre-sales consultation about your recording requirements. We can evaluate your specific needs and make a recommendation of the software, hardware, and training that will provide an ideal solution.

Following are answers to some common questions about SoniClear products.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Does SoniClear software produce a written transcript from the audio recording?


No. This is not yet technically possible, so no products are currently available to accurately convert meeting recordings or legal proceedings automatically into text. There are dictation systems which are capable of translating the voice of a specific person. However, these products are not able to recognize speech in a meeting or court setting well enough to produce a meaningful transcript.

For meetings, SoniClear makes an audio recording as useful as a transcript. By making it easy to mark events in a meeting, participants can quickly recall information from the meeting with just a few mouse clicks. And SoniClear preserves important verbal queues that occur in speech, which is completely lost in a written transcript. With the ability to listen to specific portions of a meeting, the valuable information in the recording becomes a meaningful point of reference for later review.

For court reporting, SoniClear enables highly accurate recordings to be made for later human transcription. High quality digital audio recording and electronic reporting features, such as entering non-verbal information, ensure transcripts that are as accurate as traditional steno reporting. SoniClear Court Recorder 9 also makes it easy to provide readbacks while recording, so that all of the services of a court reporter can be offered, without the need for highly specialized steno reporters.


What type of computer is needed?


SoniClear works on any computer running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. The included computer microphone plugs into the computer microphone input for recording directly on the computer.

Please note that some Windows computers have sound chipsets with poor audio quality. In such cases, an optional USB Audio Microphone will be needed. Also, some recording situations require specialized microphones for ensuring accurate pickup of people speaking. SoniClear offers a complete range of microphones to fit any requirement.


Is SoniClear software easy to learn how to use?

Yes. Start using SoniClear in 3 Easy Steps. SoniClear simulates the action of a conventional cassette tape recorder on the computer screen. This makes it easy for anyone who knows how to use a tape recorder to start recording with SoniClear immediately.

In addition, the advanced SoniClear features have been designed for the specific tasks of recording meetings or legal proceedings, so the process is intuitive for first time users.

For customers who want to get a fast start to using all of the advanced SoniClear features, personalized Webinar training sessions are available as an option.


Which version of SoniClear is best?


SoniClear is available in three different versions to meet differing needs and budgets. You can see a list of the features supported by the products on the Product Comparison Page.

In general, if you need to record a meeting for your own personal use, an don't need to share the recording very often, Meeting Recorder 9 is the best choice. Meeting Recorder 9 inlcudes everything you need to record, play back, and transcribe meetings.

If you have more than one user recording, or you need to share a recording within an organization or with the public, Gov Recorder 9 is the right product. Gov Recorder 9 includes many features for sharing recordings for review and transcription.

For recording courts, administrative hearings, or depositions, Court Recorder 9 is the best product to use. Court Recorder 9 has been designed specifically to capture an accurate recording of legal information for permanent archive and transcription.

For routine record of interviews and administrative hearings in any government or business setting, Interview Recorder 9 provides a simple, reliable, and affordable way to capture that information. Users can focus on the interview process, without having to manage recording equipment and media.


What type of microphone do I need?


For any meeting that is in a smaller, quieter room, the computer microphone included with all SoniClear software products will be satisfactory.

For recording in larger rooms, or where there are background noise conditions, you will need a more specialized microphone solution. You can view the computer microphone options on the Product Page.

If you have any questions about the selection process, contact SoniClear for a detailed review of your recording environment so that we can recommend the ideal solution.


How do I buy SoniClear and how much does SoniClear cost?


SoniClear products are available directly from SoniClear and authorized Dealers. We can provide a Price Quotation for use in your purchasing process.

Contact SoniClear to request a Price Quote or Pro Forma Invoice.