Video Recording Camera Kit 
Video Recording Kit
  • Axis IP Digital Camera or Encoder
  • Camera Options for Any Application and Budget
  • Portable and Permanent Installation
  • Introductory Training
  • Installation and Technical Support

Video Recording for Meetings or Legal Proceedings

The SoniClear Video Recording Kit includes the hardware, software, training, and support for installing digital video recording. Video enhances recordings of meetings, courts, depositions, training sessions, and interviews. Several variations of this kit are available to tailor it to installation requirements.

Video Recording Camera Kit

Axis P1365 HD Camera Option

The P1365 zoom camera offers a high quality sensor for 1080p High Def recording, even in low light conditions. Excellent for permanent installations and where recordings of with excellent image quality are desired.

Video Recording Camera Kit

Axis M1065 Entry-Level HD Camera Option

The M1065 camera is included in the Entry-Level SoniClear High Def Video Recording Kit. The camera can be placed on a table or mounted on a tripod, allowing placement at a distance from the table to cover an entire room. The M1065 can also be mounted on a wall or ceiling for permanent installation.

Video Record Meetings

Axis F1015 Discrete HD Camera Option

The F1015 zoom sensor unit connects to a separate encoder base unit using a 39' cable. Ideal where discrete placement of the camera in the meeting room is required.

Video Record Meetings

Axis F44 4-Camera Option

The F44 encoder captures video from four F1015 cameras simultaneously. All four camera images are displayed in a 1080p HiDef recording, providing close up detail of people speaking in meetings, courts, and police interview rooms.

Video/Audio Encoder Option

Use the encoder to record a video feed from any existing camera system. The Axis Q7401 encoder accepts composite video input from any video switch or camera and records digitally in DVD quality. Can also be used with any camera option for capturing audio from remote sound systems.

Video Recording Cable

Lay-Flat Ethernet Cable

Specially designed Ethernet cable lays flat just like a microphone cable for a clean connection between camera and computer in meeting rooms.

POE Power Injector

Remotely power the camera or encoder using the Power Over Ethernet power injection device. Simplifies equipment setup.

SoniClear Software

Video Software

The Video Camera Kit includes the Gov Video Recorder 9, Interview Video Recorder 9, or Court Video Recorder 9 software. Also includes 50 video decoder licenses for high quality H.264 video playback. Options also available to upgrade existing Gov Recorder 9 and Court Recorder 9 audio recording systems to video.

Purchase Video Camera Kit

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