Software Products

SoniClear digital recording software is available in four product variations, turning any Windows computer into a digital recording system.


Gov Recorder 9

Gov Recorder 9 is designed for governmental organizations that must record meetings and prepare meeting minutes. Gov Recorder 9 helps clerks and administrators get more done with less effort, while improving support for the organization and meeting participants.  Learn More >


Court Recorder 9

Replace cassette machines with Court Recorder 9 for clear digital recordings of legal proceedings. Designed specifically for electronic court reporting, verbatim reporting, and archiving court sessions for transcription when cases are appealed. Court Recorder 9 creates an accurate audio record of depositions, court sessions, and administrative hearings.  Learn More >


Meeting Recorder 9

Use Meeting Recorder 9 to efficiently create meeting minutes and share recordings on CD for improving communication with meeting participants. Record board meetings, business meetings, conferences, seminars and other important presentations. Meeting Recorder 9 creates clear digital recordings with advanced annotation, transcription, and publishing features.  Learn More >


Interview Recorder 9

Interview Recorder 9 is optimized for recording interviews, administrative hearings, training, and any other application where audio or video recordings need to be captured on a routine basis. Interview Recorder 9 records to a local or network recording archive for later review or transcription, with recording authentication and remote management features.  Learn More >