SoniClear Release 9.6.0 Now Available

New features and enhancements included in SoniClear 9.6.0:

  • Expanded the number of predefined Markers to a total of 56.
  • Added Macro Code functionality to Markers.
  • Updated Web Archive with new HTML5 player.
  • Misceleaneous minor user interface enhancements and bug fixes.


New features and enhancements included in SoniClear 9.5.1:

  • New Features:
    • CD/DVD Burning directly from File Backup dialog
    • Beta version of HTML5 Web Player to replace Flash
    • Various minor UI improvements
  • Reliability Enhancements
    • Fixed problem with SoniClear crash during shutdown
    • Fixed problems with CF3 file processing
    • Fixed problem with 12 channel recording
    • Fixed problem with environment variable expansion
    • Fixed various minor bugs


New features and enhancements included in SoniClear 9.5.0:

  • New Producs: Interview Recorder 9 and Interview Video Recorder 9
    • Designed for routine interviews and hearings
    • Simple user interface
    • Multichannel and video recording options
    • Recording Manager software for file editing and archiving
  • Reliability Enhancements
    • Improved resistance to background process interference
    • Recording files are saved into a folder at record time
    • Files are digitally signed at record time
    • Improved Auto Backup file processing
    • Validation of Auto Backup files
  • Windows 10 Enhancements
    • Support for high resolution tablet and laptop screens
    • Compatible with Microsoft Surface Tablet


New features and enhancements included in SoniClear 9.4:

  • Video Recording Option
    • Record from an IP camera or encoder
    • Automatic synchronization with microphones
    • Video preview, and live monitoring off disk
    • Captures video in standard H.264 or MJPEG format
    • Export video recordings to standard Windows WMV file format
    • Supports HD video formats up to 1080p
    • Supports most Axis IP camera, including F44 4-head camera
  • Export Notes to Word
    • Save recording notes in Word .doc format
    • Format controlled by customizable template
  • Display playback time as Clock Time
    • Switch between viewing current playback time as Elapsed Time (time from beginning of file), or Clock Time (time-of-day when recording)
    • Set preferences to show timestamps as Elapsed Time or Clock Time
  • LED Clock Display Support
    • Connect an optional external LED Clock
    • Displays Elapsed Time or Clock Time while recording
  • Improved Recording Performance
    • Lower CPU load when recording
    • Improved disk I/O management
    • Reduced chance of CPU Overload errors from background processes
  • Enhancements and Fixes
    • Official support for Windows 10
    • Playback position adjustment for faster readbacks
    • Fixes for various minor problems found in SoniClear 8 and SoniClear 9
    • Miscellaneous user interface enhancements
    • Support for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 for users upgrading from XP