Record Public Meetings: Gov Recorder 9

Digital recording software for public meetings of all types.

Gov Recorder 9 makes it easy to record public government meetings for capturing a permanent archive of the activities and to share with participants.

  • Easy to learn and use

  • Digital audio for greater clarity and detail 

  • Fast note taking for marking events in recordings

  • Annotate recordings using pre-entered agenda items

  • No memory cards or CDs to manage during meetings

  • Archive to the Internet, internal network and CD

  • Use existing IT infrastructure

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Gov Recorder 9 includes the Gov Transcriber 9 software. This provides automatic transcription of recordings to text using the SoniClear Cloud transcription service.

Learn more about Gov Transcriber 9



Record Board Meetings

Gov Recorder 9 makes it easy to document board meetings using high-quality digital recording. Use the recordings to produce meeting minutes and provide the audio to meeting participants. Annotated audio recordings can be distributed on CD, over a local area network, and on a website.

Record Conferences

Use Gov Recorder 9 to record conferences to enhance communication, and leverage the value of information from the conference. Publish recordings for participants on CD or disk drive. Optionally make meetings available over the Internet as an on-demand stream or downloadable file.

Record Planning Meetings

Planning meetings generate a great deal of information for the future operation of the organization. Gov Recorder 9 can be used to capture detailed discussions, eliminating problems resulting from incomplete or incorrect notes. This valuable knowledge is stored in digital form that is accurate and accessible, improving productivity and insuring accountability.



Digital Audio Clarity

Gov Recorder 9 digitally records to the computer disk drive using industry-standard MP3 or WAV audio files.



Improve Minutes Production

Notes entered during the meeting make it easy to locate sections requiring summarization or review. VoiceBoost digital signal processing enhances the sound to ensure maximum clarity and intelligibility.



Archiving and Streaming Options

Meeting recordings can be archived to the local area network, CD, and flash drives. Option to webcast the meeting using on-demand streaming audio or video.


Upgrading to Gov Recorder 9 is Easy and Intuitive.



Gov Recorder 9 runs on any Windows 7 or Windows 10 computer. To get started, install the software, plug in a computer microphone and start recording. Gov Recorder 9 can also be purchased as a turnkey system, with the software installed and running on the computer.