Record Routine Interviews: Interview Recorder 9

Administrative Interviews, Police Interviews, Research Interviews

Recording Manager Software for Archiving and Editing

Gov Transcriber Software for Automatic Transcription

Clear Digital Sound and Optional Digital Video

Record on any Windows Computer

Replace Handheld and CD Recorders

Easy to Use and Easy to Learn

Take Notes for Faster Review

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Digital Recording Software for Administrative Interviews

Interview Recorder 9 captures interview recordings on any Windows computer, for accurate details, fast review, digital archiving, and easier transcription. Combining advanced digital recording technology with ease of use, Interview Recorder 9 ensures reliable recording for any type of interview that needs to be documented for legal or administrative requirements.

Easy to Use

Interview Recorder 9 enables a secretary, clerk, or officer to record an accurate account of events for later review and transcription. No technical expertise is required, and end users can be trained in minutes.

Convenient Interview Access

The recording files are stored on the internal network, on CD, or on disk drives. These archived recordings can then be accessed for review by administrators and officers at their convenience. Notes entered while recording can be used to jump to specific points of each interview, speeding up the review process.

Proven Reliability

Interview Recorder 9 offers proven reliability. SoniClear products have been in government use for over fifteen years with tens of thousands of recordings archived.

Reliability starts with simple controls that ensure proper operation when recording at the meeting. The positive feedback provided on the computer screen makes it clear when the system is recording properly, and there is an option to monitor audio quality while recording.

SoniClear also provides greater reliability in terms of hardware. Since the interview room computer is already being maintained by IT staff, the software recording process can be depended on every day. There are no delicate recording devices required (such as CD recorders). And with recordings stored directly on the computer, any problems associated with handling recording media are eliminated.

To keep reliability high for years of regular usage, SoniClear works with local government IT staff or IT consultants to provide tools for handling any hardware issues that might arise. SoniClear also provides expert technical support, and periodic software updates are released, ensuring long-term compatibility with Windows computers.



Digital Recording for any Size Organization

Interview Recorder 9 digitally records to the computer disk drive using industry-standard MP3 or WAV audio files. This allows for reliable capture of interview recordings on any number computers with minimal investment.



Timestamped Notes for Improved Accuracy

Notes can be entered during the recording process, ensuring detailed documentation of the subject matter in the recording. Notes also make it easy to locate sections of the recording for later review. VoiceBoost digital signal processing enhances the sound to ensure maximum clarity and intelligibility.



Auto File Backup and Archiving

Computer-based recording takes advantage of existing IT infrastructure for backup, archiving and retrieval.


Upgrading to Interview Recorder 9 is Easy for Users and IT.

Moving to computer-based recording is easy and intuitive for users to learn, with minimal installation effort required.


Interview Recorder 9 runs on any Windows 7 or Windows 10 computer. To deploy to end users just install the software, plug in a computer microphone and start recording. Interview Recorder 9 can also be purchased as a turnkey system, with the software installed and running on the computer.