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Capture and archive recordings with software and systems you can trust.

Record Meetings, Record Courts, Record Interviews with Digital Clarity

SoniClear Recording
Software and Systems

Record meetings, administrative hearings, depositions, interviews, and court sessions with digital accuracy. Get more done with less effort, while improving support for the organization and participants.

SoniClear is easy to use, just like a handheld recorder, while giving you the speed and convenience of powerful productivity features. 


Recording Solutions for Meetings, Courts, Depositions, Interviews

Every SoniClear system is tailored with the right software and hardware to meet your individual application requirements.

In the past when something was missed, it was difficult to accurately review the minutes, but now if someone mumbles or there’s commotion, I can mark where it happened and return to the recording later for clarification.
— Kim Murlowski, Executive Secretary, La Canada, CA

SoniClear digital recording software is used in all 50 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and Guam, as well as worldwide.