Transcribe Meeting Minutes

SoniClear software makes it easy to record and transcribe meetings. Use Meeting Recorder 9, Gov Recorder 9, or Gov Transcriber 9 to create meeting transcripts or summary meeting minutes. The software includes features to assist in the transcription process:

  • Create draft transcripts automatically using the SoniClear Cloud service

  • Locate sections to transcribe using notes entered during the meeting

  • Hands-free playback using a USB foot pedal or keystrokes

  • Slow playback for typing

  • Fast playback for review

  • VoiceBoost sound enhancement when speaking is not clear

SoniClear combines clear, digital audio recording with simple note taking features for highlighting all of the meeting events as they occur. Save time preparing your meeting minutes, by reviewing the meeting recording without having to listen to the entire meeting again.

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Digital recording for taking minutes

  • Accurately capture information every time 

  • Easily take detailed notes during the meeting 

  • Save time producing meeting minutes

  • Improve meeting effectiveness by sharing recordings

  • Create accountability by documenting meeting discussions

How To Start Taking Minutes with SoniClear

Creating minutes or reconstructing exact conversations is faster and easier with SoniClear. Record the meeting using SoniClear software on any Windows computer. It operates on the screen like any conventional recorder.

Going beyond just recording, SoniClear also makes it easy to outline the events of the meeting in the recording. As discussions unfold, important points can be highlighted with time stamped notes.

After the meeting use Gov Transcriber 9 software and the integrated SoniClear Cloud transcription service to transcribe the meeting automatically to text. This produces a draft transcript that can be exported to Microsoft Word for editing a complete transcript or adding detail to summary meeting minutes.

Play back the recording in Gov Transcriber 9 to proof the transcript or minutes. When listening to the meeting, any point can be accessed with one click.

Save Time and Reduce Stress

SoniClear is the modern, efficient way to capture meeting information, and make it available to participants. Pre-load your agenda items before the meeting and then just click to mark when that item is taken up at the meeting. You can relax, knowing that you will not miss any detail.



Upgrading to SoniClear is Easy and Intuitive.


SoniClear runs on any Windows 7 or Windows 10 computer. To get started, install the software, plug in a computer microphone and start recording. SoniClear can also be purchased as a turnkey system, with the software installed and running on the computer.