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Recording Software Products

SoniClear digital recording software is available in four product variations, turning any Windows computer into an advanced recording system. Features of each product are optimized for specialized uses. Record government meetings and business meetings. Record board meetings and courts. Use SoniClear for digital court reporting of courts and depositions. Download the comparison chart for a list of all the software features.


Gov Recorder 9

Gov Recorder 9 is designed for governmental organizations that must record meetings and prepare meeting minutes. Gov Recorder 9 helps clerks and administrators get more done with less effort, while improving support for the organization and meeting participants.  Learn More >


Court Recorder 9

Replace handheld recorders with Court Recorder 9 for clear digital recordings of legal proceedings. SoniClear is designed specifically for digital court reporting, verbatim reporting, and archiving court sessions for transcription when cases are appealed. Court Recorder 9 creates an accurate audio record of depositions, court sessions, and administrative hearings.  Learn More >


Meeting Recorder 9

Use Meeting Recorder 9 to efficiently create meeting minutes and share recordings for improving communication with meeting participants. Record board meetings, business meetings, conferences, seminars and other important presentations. Meeting Recorder 9 creates clear digital recordings with advanced annotation, transcription, and publishing features.  Learn More >


Interview Recorder 9

Interview Recorder 9 is optimized for recording interviews, administrative hearings, training, and any other application where audio or video recordings need to be captured on a routine basis. Interview Recorder 9 records to a local or network recording archive for later review or transcription, with recording authentication and remote management features.  Learn More >



Microphone Products

Microphone upgrade products allow a system to be tailored for any recording situation.


SC10 Conference Microphone Kit

The SC10 Conference Microphone Kit includes two or four small conference microphones that connect together to the USB input of the computer. The microphones provide excellent coverage for large meeting rooms and boardrooms where background noise is not a factor.  Learn More >


GoMic USB Microphone

The Samson GoMic connects to the laptop or desktop computer though a USB connection. Portable and convenient for recording small groups with high quality. Learn More >


Voice Tracker Array Microphone

The Voice Tracker microphone is a noise-reducing microphone designed specifically for recording in challenging audio environments. The Voice Tracker is suitable for recording in small, medium and large meeting rooms.  Learn More >



Custom Microphone Options


Choice of Configurations

SoniClear can create a customized  microphone and sound system configuration. Hundreds of audio products are available that can be combined to create an ideal solution to your specific application.


Up to 12 Independent Microphone Channels

USB and Dante Audio Interfaces

Permanently Installed Systems

Lightweight Mobile Systems



Example Conference Microphone

Audio Technica Pro44 Microphone

Audio Technica Pro44 Microphone

Digikit Multichannel USB Mixer

Presonus 8-Channel Preamplifier in Digikit Multichannel USB Mixer

Presonus 8-Channel Preamplifier in Digikit Multichannel USB Mixer

Digikit Multichannel USB Mixer in Maple Desktop Case

Digikit Multichannel USB Mixer in Maple Desktop Case

Digikit Multichannel USB Mixer in Portable Case

Digikit Multichannel USB Mixer in Portable Case

Sound System Interface Kit

Connect to professional sound systems

Connect to professional sound systems



Video Products

Video Equipment for use with SoniClear.


Video Recording Kit

Record video of meetings, courts, depositions, and interviews with an advanced video camera. The included video equipment and software upgrade extends Gov Recorder 9 and Court Recorder 9 for synchronized video capture.  Learn More >



Complete Recording Systems

SoniClear is available as a complete system that combines hardware, software, microphones, and accessories for a turnkey recording solution.


Tablet Recorder 9

Tape recorder-like touch controls make using Tablet Recorder 9 intuitive. Enjoy the benefits of computer-based recording without the need for installation or training.  Learn More >


Desktop Recorder 9

The Desktop Recorder 9 kit brings all of the features of an installed recording system to the desktop. Use like a conventional recorder with the touch screen, and with the keyboard for note-taking. Automatically archives to the network for permanent backup.   Learn More >



Custom Recording Systems

SoniClear can be purchased as a complete, customized recording system. Consult with our pre-sales experts to create a configuration to match your exact requirements.


Multi-Channel Recording Server

One example of a custom recording system is the Multi-Channel Recording Server. It can be configured to meet a wide variety of recording requirements. Select Gov Recorder 9, Court Recorder 9, or Interview Recorder 9 software. Record multi-channel audio with a variety of wired and wireless microphones options.

Learn More



Accessories for use with SoniClear.


USB Foot Pedal

The USB Foot Pedal controls the SoniClear software so that it works like a traditional cassette transcriber. Pressing the pedal starts playback of the recording. Lifting the pedal stops playback and rewinds the recording a few seconds.  Learn More >


Introductory Training


One Hour Course 

Covers All Essential Concepts and Features 

Training for Any Number of Users 

Audio Teleconference with GoToMeeting

Price: $150

Web-Based Training for SoniClear 


SoniClear Introductory Training is a live, one hour webinar that demonstrates the essential features of SoniClear. The webinar is conducted by teleconference, with the visual presentation over GoToMeeting. Any number of people can participate in the class at no additonal charge.

Participants will become familiar with all of the basic concepts and features of the program. Detailed subjects covered by the class are adapted so that user can be productive using SoniClear immediately.

The Introductory Training fee is $150 and can be ordered when purchasing SoniClear or at any later time.


Annual Support


Telephone and Email Technical Support 

Free Software Updates 

First Year Included Free With Purchase 

Additional Support After First Year for Fee


Annual Support provides one year of ongoing technical support for SoniClear products. Support is provided on the phone or by email. Up to four support incidents are included free of charge. For more extensive technical support, Introductory Training and hourly consulting are available for an additional fee.

Annual Support also includes free updates of SoniClear during the year. Free updates include both major and minor releases of the software. These updates are made available for download from the website.

The first year of Annual Support is included free of charge with the purchase of SoniClear products. Annual Support can be renewed for additional years for 25% of the purchase.


 Discontinued Products

SoniClear has evolved over the past decades through many product variations. The Discontinued Products Page includes descriptions of products that are no longer available and describes the current products that offer similar features and benefits.