SoniClear Support Policy


Software support is provided on an annual basis. The first year of support is included free of charge. Renewal of Annual Software Support is available for an additional annual fee.

Annual Software Support service includes support by phone, email, and an online support contact form. In most cases we respond to support requests the same day, but sometimes we will follow up the next business day. We encourage you to renew and use Annual Software Support to get the most benefit from the software.

In addition to personalized support, SoniClear offers online documentation for both installation and use of our products, along with videos that cover the most frequent questions we receive from customers. 

Annual Software Support includes free updates for SoniClear software as it is released during the year. Free updates include both major and minor releases of the software. These updates are made available for download from the website.

Annual Software Support Service is offered for the purpose of answering questions that arise from installing or using the SoniClear software. Annual Software Support does not include formal training on the use of SoniClear software, or on how to operate computers in general. We offer formal webinar training sessions for an additional fee. See the Training and Support information on the Products Page for additional information.

Annual Software Support does not include IT support for managing computers that have not been purchased directly from SoniClear. For example, we cannot assist with hands-on work on your computer, such as performing the SoniClear installation process, configuring your computer, updating Windows, or setting up software from other companies. We recommend that you have local IT support staff, or an IT consultant, to help you with any tasks related to installing and maintaining your computer. 

Annual Software Support Service



SoniClear does not offer any warranty or guarantee that hardware purchased from us will be free of defects, or that it will be perfectly suited to an application. We provide advice during and after the purchase to help the customer choose appropriate hardware, however, the customer is responsible for choosing and deploying the software and hardware that is needed for any given situation. SoniClear provides hardware assistance, during the first year after hardware is purchased directly from SoniClear, to help customers obtain repairs from the manufacturer under the terms of any warranty provided by the manufacturer. In the event a hardware product does not have a manufacturer-supplied warrantee, or the warrantee has expired, it is the responsibility of the customer to obtain hardware service or replacement hardware at their own expense.

No SoniClear Hardware Warrantees



Annual Hardware Support Service

Annual Hardware Support Service is offered for complete recording systems purchased from SoniClear. Complete systems include a pre-configured computer and we offer remote IT support for this computer for the first year at no additional charge. Annual Hardware Support Service includes diagnosis of problems with supplied hardware or software, assistance with configuration of the provided computer, and assistance with obtaining warrantee or repair services from the hardware manufacturer.

Annual Hardware Support Service includes advice and suggestions for how to integrate the purchased system with other IT infrastructure. However, no IT support is included for any computer that has not been purchased directly from SoniClear.