Customer Support

SoniClear products are designed to be easy to use without requiring extensive technical support. However, if you do encounter problems, telephone and email support are provided, as well as online support resources.

Technical Support

In addition to the online resources, support is available from SoniClear by phone and email. We encourage you to use SoniClear technical support when problems occur so that you can focus on your work and not on running SoniClear. If your system is not working perfectly, contact us:

Use Online Support Request Form

Or contact using phone or email:

Phone: 626/584-9706

In most cases we can assist you immediately. However, in some cases a callback or email response may be provided on the following business day.

Annual Software Support service includes telephone support for up to four support issues. This service is included free for the first year and is renewable in subsequent years.

For personalized training and assistance with SoniClear features, training webinars are available for an additional fee. See the Training and Support information on the Products Page for additional information.