Digital Court Reporting: Court Recorder 9

Digital Recording System for Digital Court Reporters and Verbatim Reporters

Court Recorder 9 captures extremely clear, accurate, annotated recordings of depositions and court proceedings. The sophisticated digital recording hardware and software combine the efficiency of computer automation with absolute reliability that is required for freelance reporting.

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As easy as a handheld recorder to use

Digital audio for greater clarity and detail

Fast note taking for marking events in recordings 

Send over network or Internet for transcription 

Readbacks are fast and easy

Archive to CD and LAN

Annotate recordings using pre-entered docket items

Improve transcription accuracy


Freelance Court Reporting

Court Recorder 9 makes it easy for court reporters to switch to computer-based recording. The software is ideal for all types of reporting jobs, including depositions, courts, government meetings, and administrative hearings. Court Recorder 9 supports both verbatim court reporting and electronic court reporting.

Readbacks Annotations can be entered to mark events for transcribing. Clients are pleased by the efficient management of the recording process. Readbacks are exceptionally easy and sound excellent.

Transcription Transcription work is sped up because of enhanced audio quality, and audio files can be sent over the Internet. For verbatim reporters the stenomask channel can be played and processed separately from the room microphones for transcription and providing audio to the clientFree.

Courts and Administrative Hearings

Court Recorder 9 incorporates all of the advanced features required by court reporters, while retaining the simplicity of operation of a conventional tape recorder. This makes it suitable for use in situations where court reporters are not available. Court Recorder 9 enables a court clerk, hearing officer, or judge to perform many of the important functions of a court reporter, ensuring an accurate record of events for later review and for appeals.



Digital Audio Clarity

Court Recorder 9 digitally records to the computer disk drive using industry-standard MP3 or WAV audio files. Multichannel recording supports up to 12 independent microphone channels.



Improve Transcription Accuracy

The included Transcriber Live software provides full control of playback while transcribing. Notes entered during the session are displayed in sync with playback. Notes can also be exported to give to transcription services. VoiceBoost digital signal processing enhances the sound to ensure maximum clarity and intelligibility.



Auto Backup and Archiving

While recording, the automatic backup option saves to an external disk drive or a network folder. Transcriptionists can access this backup in real time to get a head start on cases.

The LAN Archive feature makes recordings available for judges and hearing officers via the internal network, allowing for quick review.

Recording files can also be copied to CD or flash drives for providing to parties involved in the case.


Upgrading to Court Recorder 9 is Easy and Intuitive.


Court Recorder 9 runs on any Windows 7 or Windows 10 computer. To get started, install the software, plug in a computer microphone and start recording. Court Recorder 9 can also be purchased as a turnkey system, with the software installed and running on the computer.


SoniClear is a Sponsor of AAERT

SoniClear is a Sponsor of AAERT