Photo by Mikael Kristensen

Photo by Mikael Kristensen


Record Educational Meetings

Digital recording software for administration, teaching, and research.

SoniClear digital recording software delivers the latest digital technology in a package that is easy to use, affordable, and runs on any Windows computer. Meeting Recorder 9 and Gov Recorder 9 software products can be used to replace aging cassette tape recordings systems with state-of-the-art digital recording. 

Meetings, lectures, hearings, and research projects can benefit from SoniClear digital recording. Recordings can be saved on any computer, shared on a network drive or copied onto CDROM. Gov Recorder 9 also includes archiving and webcasting options that makes it easy to share recordings in on an internal network or on a website.

  • As easy as a handheld recorder to use 

  • Digital audio for greater clarity and detail 

  • Fast note taking for marking events in recordings 

  • Easy to learn and use

  • Archive to CDROM and LAN

  • Annotate recordings by pre-entered agenda items

  • Integrated automatic transcription service

K-12 School Boards

SoniClear products make it easy to document School Board meetings using high-quality digital recording. Use the recordings to produce meeting minutes and provide the audio to the entire community. Annotated audio recordings can be distributed on CD, over a local area network, or webcast over the Internet. Listen to an example School Board Webcast recorded with SoniClear.

University and College Board Professionals

SoniClear products help Board Secretaries work more productively, while making information accessible for later review.

Academic Governance

SoniClear can be used to digitally record departmental and academic senate meetings. Use the recordings to produce meeting minutes and provide the audio to participants and individuals who missed meetings. Share the annotated audio recordings on CD, LAN, or webcast over the Internet.

IEP Meetings and Discplinary Hearings

SoniClear Meeting Recorder 9 can be used to record IEP meetings and discplinary hearings. The digital recordings can be used as a permanent record of meetings, stored on CDROM or in a central computer archive for administrative access.

Record Lectures

SoniClear Meeting Recorder 9 can enhance the higher education learning process by recording classroom lectures. Professors can record their lectures and make them available on CDROM and over the Internet. Students can record lectures on their laptop computers and listen to the recordings at a later time to reinforce their understanding and review for tests.

Professors can also use SoniClear to record their lectures to preserve knowledge for future generations, and to keep a personal record. SoniClear can record on the same computer that is being used to run other programs (such as PowerPoint presentations). No additional computer equipment is necessary.

Accessibility to Meetings, Lectures, and Presentations

SoniClear Meeting Recorder 9 can be used to record verbal presentations and discussions for transcription. The combination of an audio recording produced with SoniClear and a manually transcribed text file meet the Section 508 requirements for access for visual and hearing impaired students, employees, and the public. 

Meeting Recorder 9 can also be used as a tool for students with visual impairment and other disabilities who need assistance with taking notes during lectures. The one-click note taking capability provides for easy review of lecture information from the digital recording. The same level of access to lecture information would only be possible through more costly means, such as a personal assistant, or conventional recording and transcription of the lecture.

Record Research Interviews

Enhance qualitative research using Meeting Recorder 9 to digitally recording software for interviews. Meeting Recorder 9 runs on your Windows laptop or desktop computer, replacing conventional cassette recording.

Meeting Recorder 9 eliminates problems resulting from poor-quality interview recordings, and incomplete or incorrect handwritten notes. The valuable knowledge gathered in the interview process is stored in digital form for transcription and permanent storage. Meeting Recorder 9 can also be used to conveniently dictate verbal notes for later automated transcription using voice recognition software.



Meeting Recorder 9 Runs on any Windows 7 or Windows 10 Computer

Moving from cassette tape to digital recording is easy and intuitive for users.


Install the software, plug in a computer microphone and start recording.

Meeting Recorder 9 can also be purchased as a ready-to-use system, including the computer.