Record Lectures

Use your Windows laptop to record lectures and take notes for fast review.

Meeting Recorder 9 makes it easy to record lectures and take lecture notes. Use your laptop computer to capture every word and take notes with a single click. The annotated recording can be used to quickly recall important points in the lecture, and review material that will be included on tests.

Share your recording with students who could not attend. You can post the MP3 recording file on the campus network or onto a class website. Listen to lecture recordings on any computer, or download it to an iPod, iPhone, or any portable MP3 player.

SoniClear software installs on your Windows laptop, and can be run in the background while you run PowerPoint slideshows or take additional notes in Word. Unlike handheld recorders, no extra recording device, memory cards, or batteries are needed, and the recordings are always available on the computer for review.

Built-in VoiceBoost sound enhancement makes listening to lectures easier and clearer. Slow down playback for taking verbatim notes, and speed up playback to hear the entire lecture in half the time.

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Turn your laptop or desktop computer into a powerful system for recording lectures and taking lecture notes.

  • Record lectures and presentations in the exact words of the presenter 

  • Take notes quickly and easily on your computer 

  • Review lecture details and share it with members of the class 

  • Preserve lectures for posterity



Switching to Meeting Recorder 9 is Quick and Easy


Meeting Recorder 9 runs on any Windows 7 or Windows 10 computer. To get started, install the software, plug in a computer microphone and start recording.