Switch to SoniClear Digital Recording

Replace your handheld recorder with digital recording on your computer.

Governmental Organizations


Gov Recorder 9

Gov Recorder 9 is designed for governmental organizations that must record meetings and prepare meeting minutes. Gov Recorder 9 helps clerks and administrators get more done with less effort, while improving support for the organization and meeting participants. Learn more


Courts and Court Reporters


Court Recorder 9

Court Recorder 9 captures recordings on any Windows computer for clear digital sound. Replace cassette and handheld recorders with state-of-the-art digital recording for accurate details, fast readbacks, and easier transcription. Learn more


Board Secretaries and Clerks


Meeting Recorder 9

Meeting Recorder makes it easy to record meetings in government, business, and education. Designed for a clerk or board secretary who needs to retain all the details of a meeting to produce minutes and review action items. Learn more


Interviews and Hearings


Interview Recorder 9

Interview Recorder is designed to efficiently
record hearings, police interviews, and research interviews, any time there is a need to document important conversations. Interview recorder can be used by a single individual or deployed to an entire organization. Learn more


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Easy to Use


Everything you need to Record, Transcribe, and Share

Software runs on any Windows Computer.
Looks like a tape recorder on the screen.
Digitally records to a file on the computer.
Plays like a transcription machine.
Shares recordings on CD, Network and Internet.