SoniClear Tablet Recorder


Digital Recording for Meetings or Legal Proceedings

SoniClear Tablet Recorder is a computer-based recording system that is ready to use for recording government meetings, business meetings, interviews, administrative hearings, courts, or depositions. Tablet Recorder includes a Windows 10 tablet computer preconfigured with your choice of Gov Recorder 9, Interview Recorder 9, or Court Recorder 9 software. No special setup or training is required.

Thin and Light Windows 10 Tablet Computer

Digital Recording at the Touch of a Button 

Easy to Use With Familiar Controls 

Clear, Digital Sound



Axis P1365 HD Camera Option

The P1365 zoom camera offers a high quality sensor for 1080p High Def recording, even in low light conditions. Excellent for permanent installations and where recordings of with excellent image quality are desired.



Axis M1065 Entry-Level HD Camera Option

The M1065 camera is included in the Entry-Level SoniClear High Def Video Recording Kit. The camera can be placed on a table or mounted on a tripod, allowing placement at a distance from the table to cover an entire room. The M1065 can also be mounted on a wall or ceiling for permanent installation.



Optional Add-On Products