Court Recorder 9: Digital Court Reporting for Courts and Depositions


Courts, Depositions, Administrative Hearings

Fast Readbacks

Record on Any Windows Computer

Clear Digital Sound and Optional Digital Video

Multichannel Recording with Automatic Backup

Take Notes for Improved Transcripts

Easy to Use and Easy to Learn


Court Recorder 9 software provides the advanced features required for professional digital court reporting. Court Recorder 9 replaced handheld recorders with computer-based recording, making it the best digital recorder for court reporters. Capture accurate details, easily perform readbacks, and transcribe faster. Learn more about SoniClear for Courts & Hearings and Court Reporting.

Court Reporting with Proven Reliability


Court Recorder 9 is used in all types of court and deposition settings. Recording systems can be permanently installed in courtrooms and hearing rooms. For traveling courts and deposition work, Court Recorder 9 is portable, running on Windows laptops and tablets.

Computer-based recording replaces handheld and CD recorders for higher reliability, with plenty of storage space, clear operating controls, and no batteries required.

Local IT technicians can easily maintain Court Recorder 9 systems for reliable, cost-effective support. For customers who purchase a complete system from SoniClear and do not have local IT staff, support packages can be tailored to include remote maintenance.

Clear Digital Sound


Court Recorder 9 provides excellent recording quality, with clear digital sound. Multichannel audio is supported for up to 12 independent microphone channels.

Microphone selection is a critical step for achieving the best sound quality. SoniClear creates customized microphone kits for each customer to accommodate any courtroom, deposition room, or administrative hearing environment.

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps


Court Recorder 9 runs on any Windows 7 or 10 laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. Installing the software and the microphone kit is easy for fast deployment. SoniClear is also available pre-installed in a complete, ready-to-use system.

Taking Notes


Court Recorder 9 has built-in features for quickly taking timestamped notes. Use Docket Templates to add case and exhibit information with one click. Macro expansion codes and function keys can be used to enter common phrases. Spellings, inaudibles, and other events can be typed manually as needed for transcription.

Fast Readbacks


For courts and depositions that require court reporters to read back testimony, Court Recorder 9 includes features that make performing readbacks fast and easy. The court reporter can be entering notes for each question and answer, making it effortless to locate the exact spot to play back. The audio can be previewed on headphones and then played back into the room. Court Recorder 9 continues to record while reading back, capturing any comments made in the room while playback occurs.

Transcribing and Archiving


Recordings can be transcribed using the included Transcriber Live software, providing an on-screen simulation of a traditional cassette transcriber. This includes USB foot pedal control, playback speed adjustment, and Voice Boost audio enhancement. SoniClear uses standard audio files that can be played using any brand of transcription software, when overflow work or rush jobs require using an outside transcribing service.

Recordings can be configured to archive manually or automatically to a network storage location. Recordings can also be sent to transcriptionists via the Internet, on CD, or on Flash drives.

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