Interview Recorder 9: Digital Recording for Legal Proceedings


Routine Interviews, Hearings, Police Interviews

Clear Digital Sound and Optional Digital Video

Record on any Windows Computer

Replace CD, DVD, and Handheld Recorders

Easy to Use and Easy to Learn

Take Notes for Faster Review 

Recording Manager for Centralized Archiving and Editing


Interview Recorder 9 captures recordings on any Windows computer, for clear digital sound in any high-volume recording application. Replace hardware recording devices with state-of-the-art computer-based recording for reliable capture, efficient recording management, fast review, and easier transcription. Learn more about SoniClear for Routine Interviews.

Routine Recording Made Reliable


Interview Recorder 9 provides a a reliable method for recording routine interviews. The software runs on a computer already in use in the interview room. With simple controls and positive feedback on the recording process, the information is captured without interfering with the interview.

Interview Recorder 9 automatically stores recordings on the computer. This eliminates any of the problems associated with handling recording media, like flash drives or CDs.

There is no need for concern about repair or replacement of delicate recording hardware, such as CD recorders. Since the recording computer is always being maintained at the interview location, the recording process can be depended on day in and day out.

Risk Free Recording Security


Recordings are managed like any other document on the computer, utilizing existing IT infrastructure for ensuring appropriate security controls. Unlike hardware recording devices, Interview Recorder does not require physical management of the recording media.

IT has complete control over how recordings are stored and managed, removing any risks of media being accessed without permission, or lost due to careless handling.

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps


SoniClear runs on any Windows 7 or 10 laptop or desktop computer. Microphone kits are available for any meeting room setting. SoniClear is also available pre-installed, as a complete system.

Archiving and Sharing


Interview Recorder streamlines recording management. Recordings can be manually or automatically backed up to a network folder. No need to transport or store recording media. The Recording Manager software included with the package makes it easy to share recording archives on CD, and over the internal network.

Clear Digital Sound


The sound quality is dramatically better than cassette tape with clear digital sound and notes to highlight the action.

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