Record Interviews

Interview Recorder 9 captures recordings on your Windows computer, for clear digital sound. Replace cassette and handheld recorders with state-of-the-art digital recording for accurate details, fast review, and easier transcription.

Police Interviews, Hearings, Research

Clear Digital Sound and Optional Digital Video

Record on any Windows Computer

Replace Cassette and Handheld Recorders

Easy to Use and Easy to Learn

Take Notes for Faster Review 

Interview Manager for Archiving and Editing


3 Easy Steps


SoniClear runs on your Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 laptop or desktop computer.

SoniClear is also available pre-installed, as a complete system.

Archiving and Sharing


Share recording archives on CD, and over the internal network. Meeting recordings can also be posted to your website for on-demand access by the public.

Digital audio files can be stored on the local disk drive, CDROM, the internal network, and over the Web. Recordings can be made available to staff, elected officials, and the public for review, creating a more informed and efficient process.


Clear Digital Sound


The sound quality is dramatically better than cassette tape with clear digital sound and notes to highlight the action.

Optional Add-On Products