Automatic Meeting Transcription - Gov Transcriber 9

Gov Transcriber 9 combines the convenience of Windows transcription software with cloud-based artificial intelligence to make creating meeting minutes faster and easier.

Gov Transcriber can be used for creating full transcripts of meetings or to quickly write up summary meeting minutes, using portions of the automatically generated transcript for additional detail.

Save Time and Reduce Stress with Gov Transcriber

  • Create an automatic draft transcript

  • Edit the transcript to create minutes

  • Archive the recording for later review

Record your meeting with SoniClear software, or a digital recorder. Then use Gov Transcriber 9 to speed up minutes preparation, and share recordings with participants.

Gov Transcriber 9 is the modern, efficient way to transform meeting recordings into useful information. You can relax, knowing that you will not miss any detail, and writing up the minutes will be faster and easier.

Gov Transcriber 9 is bundled with all SoniClear products, including Meeting Recorder 9 and Gov Recorder 9.

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Transcription Workflow

Using SoniClear Recording Software

  • Record using Meeting Recorder 9 or Gov Recorder 9 on a Windows computer

  • Take notes during the meeting to highlight agenda items and important points

  • Automatically transcribe the text of the meeting using Gov Transcriber

  • Export the transcript and notes to Microsoft Word format

  • Produce meeting minutes using the notes and transcribed text

Using Handheld Digital Recorders

  • Record using any digital recorder that creates MP3 or WAV files

  • Transcribe the recording into text using Gov Transcriber

  • Export the transcript to Microsoft Word format

  • Edit the transcript to create minutes


Integration with SoniClear Products


Gov Transcriber is most efficient when used in combination with SoniClear recording software. You can easily outline the events of the meeting with automated note taking.

Timestamped notes can be typed, one-click entered with up to 56 predefined notes, and agenda items can be entered by selecting from a list.

Timestamped notes, combined with automatic voice-to-text transcription, make it simple to locate every detail of the meeting.