Achieve more Effective Meetings

Digitally record meetings on your own computer.

Capture every detail, speed up minutes preparation and share with participants for review. 


For Government Organizations, Board Secretaries and Clerks, Interviews and Hearings


Government Organizations

Gov Recorder 9

Gov Recorder 9 digital recording software is designed for governmental organizations that must record meetings and prepare meeting minutes. Gov Recorder 9 helps clerks and administrators get more done with less effort, while improving support for the organization and meeting participants. Learn More


Board Secretaries and Clerks

Meeting Recorder 9

Meeting Recorder makes it easy to record meetings in government, business, and education. Designed for a clerk or board secretary who needs to retain all the details of a meeting to produce minutes and review action items. Learn More


Interviews and Hearings

Interview Recorder 9

Interview Recorder is designed to efficiently record hearings, police interviews, and research interviews, any time there is a need to document important conversations. Interview recorder can be used by a single individual or deployed to an entire organization. Learn More


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